July 2, 2019

Travltalk Product Development Series: Website development

To save money, Rhiannon personally coded a HTML5 splash page that would allow for brand and user testing. The website was to act solely to educated people on what our application offered them and to drive interested people to download Travltalk. We also needed Terms of Service and a Privacy Policy to have the Ionic version released on the Apple store.

Users responded well to the simplicity of the site and the call to action messaging – ‘Just Landed, What Next?’. Everyone agreed when asked if they understood from the website, who the application was for and what it did.

Website evolution – 2018

Once the React Native rebuild was 75% complete Rhiannon used the remaining funds from the pre seed investment to customise a simple site in Squarespace. This also gave us the ability to link a Travltalk blog to our website, with a pre built CMS back end that would allow us to easily post new information, share social news and articles relevant to further drive organic uptake of Travltalk and easily gather data analytics to enable us to optimise content performance week on week.

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