July 2, 2019

Travltalk Product Development Series: React Native Rebuild

Consultation with different technical consultants, including Spruce Design, Toptal Resource, and those who work in mobile Startups indicated React Native would be a strong choice to address the key issues uncovered with the Ionic app prototype.

Further it was identified that AirBnB and Uber also use React Native which suggested it was a strong platform choice for scale and location based mobile services.

The relationship with Spruce had evolved well and Spruce were familiar with the product and the feedback we had accrued along the way, having worked on the initial design and managing the Ionic product development by remote developers in Sri Lanka.

The simplicity of Travltalk and repetitive elements meant that the Ionic wireframes could easily be redesigned with the aim to leverage the growing libraries that were now available in React Native, and the interface designs that were now considered best practice for Android and Apple variations.

Travltalk Wireframes and UX Design

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