React Native

Travltalk Product Development #1: How It Started

Travltalk Product Development covers our development journey from an idea in Rhiannon’s head to a fully realized platform that lets travellers connect, share costs, and sell stuff as they explore the world. Seventeen years feels like an eternity on the Internet. Facebook didn’t exist and the Lonely Planet was...

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Travltalk Product Development Series: Application launch

React Native Rebuild and Live User Testing With the UI designed with React Native in mind and a prototype for reference the task of rebuilding the Travltalk application was relatively straight forward. After consultation with several React Native agencies, we selected a London based developer, Henry Kirkness to build...

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Travltalk Product Development Series: React Native Rebuild

Consultation with different technical consultants, including Spruce Design, Toptal Resource, and those who work in mobile Startups indicated React Native would be a strong choice to address the key issues uncovered with the Ionic app prototype. Further it was identified that AirBnB and Uber also use React Native which...

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