In the past 4 years there has been a lot of speculation about the role Virtual and Augmented Reality will play in our future lives. Some people are not convinced it will take off, whilst those that work in the industry see its adoption curve as similar to that of mobile and enjoy being pioneers in a technology that in 10 years will be considered mainstream.

In Episode 4 of Female Disruptor, our host Rhiannon Monks, who previously worked at HTC Vive and Leap Motion, speaks to XR Creative Nina Salomons about her work within the AR / VR and XR Film Industry.

So if you’re curious about the immersive reality space or wonder if there might be a job for your skillset – tune in to hear Nina talk about her journey in through VR journalism, 360 video film making and using tools for 3D application development. Or feel free to tweet her any questions @nina_salomons or check out her work at 

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