The Legal Advice Every Startup Should Listen To

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  • 22 November, 2019
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In Episode 5 of Female Disruptor, we are joined by Deborah McGargle from SeedLegals.

Deborah is a legal technologist and founding team Chief Legal Officer at award winning London-based Seedlegals.

In the short time that SeedLegals entered the UK Startup arena in late 2016, SeedLegals has transformed the legal landscape, assisting the majority of new UK based startups going from seed stage, to Series A and beyond for all their legal requirements.

The SeedLegals platform is a combination of fintech and legaltech SaaS that enabes startups to complete their funding raising legals with their investors up to 90% faster and at a fraction of the cost of a traditional lawyer. Seedlegals completed its own funding round of $1.5m (just four months after its launch) and $4m in March 2019.

So if you’re a Founder out there looking to get advice around how to navigate the Legal landscape, and want to ensure you don’t end up paying unnecessary fees to lawyers, this is one podcast you don’t want to miss!

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