Do you feel like there’s an idea inside you, or that you have what it takes to run a business but maybe you’re not sure where to start? Maybe you have no experience, or maybe you have experience but no idea. Or perhaps you have a lot of industry experience and you’re ready for a career pivot into joining a startup or starting your own.

This week we speak to Kim van Haalen, who over the last 10 years experienced each of these moments in her entrepreneurial journey. At 22 she was the first employee straight out of Uni in a startup that went on to be successful (now backed by Index Ventures).  To continue to learn from the best, Kim then joined powerhouse that is Salesforce and later joined a 6 month accelerator in London prior to launching and running the London chapter of the worlds’ largest startup accelerator, WeWork Labs, and shares the valuable lessons she learned along the way. 

In this episode we also help you discover the London networks available to those considering their own entrepreneurial journey and learn about the WeWork Labs Global Network and the support you can find if you’d like to be around like minded people from day one.

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