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In 2018, only 20% of all tech jobs were held by women. 

Only 5% of startup founders are women.  

We created Female Disruptor to shine a light the work females are doing in the technology industry and help those understand the opportunities available to women interested in learning to code. It’s a place to find like minded career driven females who enjoy intellectual debate.

As we see more and more women enter in to influential roles in business and technology, its hard to believe only 40 years ago, an educated woman was expected to stay at home to care for the children and have the dinner ready when her husband came home from work. In 2019 it’s recognised, in the office, we can perform the same tasks as men. However, it takes time for the Mad Men era of mindset to shift, as it took time for us to see women get the vote and be accepted in politics (arguably we are still waiting!)

Men are slowly adapting around us, and it’s also a new world for them to adopt to. We also explore how gender affects the changing generations and champion those that have zero tolerance for workplace discrimination – and demonstrate the moves they are making to address the divide.

Our podcast interviews and the articles written by female contributors on our platform are designed to stimulate healthy discussion around real world topics that affect all women working aged 18-45 in the UK, across the business and technology.

If you a female disrupting business through technology and are interested in writing for us, please apply to be a contributor here

A new generation. Zero gender bias. Real equality.
Each day we are one step closer.


Rhiannon Monks

CEO and Founder, Travltalk

With footprints in over 80 countries, Rhiannon is not your typical startup founder and React Native development leader. Travltalk is a London-based tech startup focused on connecting travellers wherever they go. You can download the app today for Apple and Android.

On the Female Disruptor podcast, Rhiannon and her guests take an honest look at what it like to navigate the world of technology and business as a career driven woman in 2019.Female Disruptor also maps out Rhiannon’s React Native journey with resources for other tech leaders and developers looking to transform the world.

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